Bruceloza o tema actuala pentru Romania, privind combaterea sa.

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  • (1) How Brucella strains adapt to their intracellular niche in the host, R. Martin Roop, Jennifer M. Gaines, Eric S. Anderson, Clayton C. Caswell and Daniel W. Martin (Departament of Microbiology and Immunology, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, USA)
  • (2) Brucellosis of the lung: case report and review of the literature, Dirk Theegarten, Sven Albrecht Martin Tötsch, Helmut Teschler, Heinrich Neubauer, Sascha Al Dahouk

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  • (3) Brucellosis in India, BasappaG Manthur and Satish K Amarnath (Departament of microbiology, Belgaum Institute of Medical Science, India)

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